4 Day Instruction


EISD has put together a few options for you to leave feedback and ask questions in a private manner. This feedback will be delivered to the 4 Day Instruction Committee where they can be discussed and answers delivered. Thank you for your feedback, EISD is grateful for the community it has and wants to serve to the best of our abilities.


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Thank you everyone that participated in the first exploratory survey into the consideration of a 4 day instruction week. The feedback received is invaluable and has allowed us to move further into the process of answering all concerns and questions. This page will serve as a portal into the process moving forward and contains many answers and ways the community can continue to provide feedback.

Call for Action

The past several years have been challenging in several areas for Evadale ISD.

  • Recruitment and retainment of quality teachers and staff
  • Staff preparedness
  • Student academic performance
  • Absentee rates for both faculty and student
  • Student behavior
  • Financial factors

These challenges have caused EISD to think "outside the box" for solutions. As a result, in an effort to continuously improve the district by providing:

  • The best education possible for our students
  • College / work readiness for all graduates
  • Rewarding faculty and staff job satisfaction with work / life balance.

We believe all of these can be improved by adopting a four day instructional school week and should further investigate the solution with the feedback of our community.


  • Teacher and Staff Recruitment and Retention
    • The four day week calendar encourages teachers and staff to come and stay at EISD when nearby districts can offer higher salaries.
  • Teacher and Staff Preparedness
    • Instructional and support staff will have more time to prepare for classes and be able to take advantage of more professional development opportunities.
  • Student Learning
    • Increased time in the the classroom for instruction for all students and especially coaches and athletes who regularly have "early outs" removing them from instruction.
    • Increased attendance with studies indicating both student and teacher improvement with behavioral referrals reduced.
    • Reduction in the need for substitute teachers keeping certified highly qualified teachers in the classroom.
  • Potential Cost Savings
    • Reduction in bus travel equate to less in fuel and maintenance cost.
    • Potential on savings in utilities and supplies.
    • Reduction in the need for substitute teachers with a day built in for appointments
  • Increase in student enrollment increasing state funding
    • With the increase in potential student enrollment EISD will have to ability to nearly control their student population numbers keeping classroom sizes optimal.


  • Increased length of the day for younger students
    • While not much, the day would be extended to meet minute requirements from the state. With this however younger students would also see longer PE and recess times allowing them to focus more on instruction during classroom time.
  • Negative impact on student learning?
    • With arguments on both sides, most agree that the increase in quality of teachers and instruction time, learning is improved across the spectrum.
  • Can parents get kids to school earlier?
    • This will be issues in the beginning while the transition is new, but will be adjusted to.
    • Studies show that student and teacher attendance improves
  • Additional Child Care Requirements
    • This is a topic that needs further discussion with the child care providers in the area.
  • Nutrition Programs for Free and Reduced Meals on the 5th day
    • Is this something we offer? Some districts do not. Options are available to address this concern such as pre-packaged meals prepared ahead of time and reheated or options like the "Backpack Buddies" program implemented in many districts.
  • Teachers Remain on 187 day contracts
    • Other districts such as Athens ISD as part of the District of Innovation program have applied for a waiver changing the contract days.
    • WIth a waiver in place, higher qualified teachers can be obtained and retained increasing morale all around without the ability to offer higher pay as many surrounding districts.